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A vaccine for all for a rapid recovery, pleads OMS

The Director General of the World Health Organization (OMS) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus rebelled Thursday against any « nationalism » in the field of vaccines, pleading for the pooling of tools to allow the planet to fight COVID-19 .

“There should be a global consensus to make any vaccine a common public good; (…) it is a political commitment, ”he pleaded.

For him, it is not a question of « sharing in the name of sharing », but indeed because it is a necessity and that it will benefit everyone, including the better endowed countries: « They do not give charity. to others. They are doing it for themselves, because when the rest of the world heals and opens up, they benefit as well. ”

“A faster recovery is a recovery together, because we live in a globalized world. The savings are intimately linked ”. There cannot be “a few safe countries that recover. Everyone must recover together, ”he stressed.

« The damage caused by COVID-19 could be less if the countries which have the means to engage in it », he insisted.

Some 26 candidate vaccines are at various stages of testing, including six « at a good stage, clinical trials », for his part reaffirmed the director of health emergencies of the WHO, Michael Ryan, while again expressing a tempered hope

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