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Aries weekly horoscope: August 3-9, 2020

Aries weekly horoscope: August 3-9, 2020

In the horoscope of Aries, from the week of August 3 to 9, Venus and Mercury change signs favoring you to spend a few days with a calm spirit and close to your loved ones.


At the end of Tuesday, Mercury, the planet related to what you say to others and how you express it, will decide to enter the sign Leo.

This favors you because Aries and Leo are signs of the fire element, and for the next three weeks your mind will be more relaxed and positive. Also keep in mind that as the days go by, this influence will increase and communications will improve in your business relationships.

This way you can express yourself in a more calm and friendly way. On the other hand, you will be more receptive to taking advice from certain colleagues and bosses on how to improve your tasks.


During Friday, Venus, which represents what gives you happiness, will transform into Cancer and activate the area of ​​your horoscope related to the house.

With this influence, although there is little time you shared with family due to the pandemic, you will feel the need to be surrounded by your loved ones again.

Since you will place great importance on their emotional and financial needs, you will want to show them your affection and remind them that they will always have your support, both emotional and material. Along these lines, you will suggest starting a family business or doing real estate together.

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The good influence of Mercury generates a good week in which you can enjoy peace and peace of mind.


The mental relaxation that you will get will also spread throughout your body and help you align your chakras. To keep what has been said over the days, I suggest you make your own air freshener and leave it in the corner of your bedroom all week.

Put coarse salt in a small plate and add 5 drops of sage essential oil, 3 of lemongrass and 4 of lavender. This combination of aromas is used to relax and your chakras retain their natural harmony.

If you want to further strengthen the balance of your body and mind, I suggest you use green quartz, which is one of the health charms.


Friday, thanks to the Moon, Sun and Mercury, they will make you feel affectionate, friendly, and your mood is great.


The main thing will be to incorporate kindness, courtesy and respect for others into the way you speak.

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