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Gemini weekly horoscope: August 3 to 9, 2020

Gemini weekly horoscope: August 3 to 9, 2020

In the Gemini horoscope, from the week of February 3-9, Venus turns into the sign Cancer and will activate the area of ​​your economy so that your power to attract money increases. During this time, Mercury might be giving you mental anxiety.


This week, Venus, the planet of the horoscope associated with your ability to attract money and the pleasure of receiving it, will begin its journey into the realm of finance.

This planetary movement will give you nearly four weeks to interact with the banks; in particular, to open bank accounts, make applications and loans.

You will also have very good financial opportunities and the possibility of getting involved in business partnerships. To take advantage of all of the above, you have to be attentive and not miss the opportunity.


On day 4, Mercury will begin to speed up your mental and emotional processes. You will find it time to reorganize your social agenda and reformulate your personal plans, as well as those that you share with your friends.

To this end, you will reprogram the departure and travel dates that you had programmed with them. Also, due to this mental stimulation, you will constantly communicate through calls, text messages, and it will be difficult for you to stay away or stay calm.

Along these lines, there may be times when you talk more about certain topics and then regret it; Therefore, try not to fight and think more about what you are saying.

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To have better health, keeping in mind the influence of Mercury in the thought domain of your horoscope, you need to take care of mental anxiety.

Try to practice more yoga, meditate more to relax your mind, and wear the powerful charms that will help you stay positive.


To flow with the energy of the Universe this week, for which you have the opportunity to attract money, it is appropriate for you to support yourself in small rituals so that all your vibration is in abundance and prosperity.

For example, try to have cash in your wallet, don’t just use your card because you lose touch, and every now and then hold it in your hands imagining that’s the amount that you would like to receive.

This feeling is important for your cells to register paper money again. Also, when counting money, do it by adding multiple zeros to get your mind used to having more money.


It will be Tuesday because you still have Venus in your sign which combines with the Moon in Aquarius. This union gives you a special day for a social activity or a romantic date.


The key will be to incorporate the vibration of prosperity into your auric field.

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