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Taurus weekly horoscope: August 3-9, 2020

Taurus weekly horoscope: August 3-9, 2020

In the Taurus horoscope, for the week of August 3-9, Venus will activate the communications and ideas area of ​​your horoscope to increase your creative talent. Meanwhile, Mercury will tell you more about the family past.


Venus, the ruling planet of your sign and associated with an innate creative talent, will begin to activate the communication area of ​​your horoscope from Friday.

You will feel this influence in the ease of being able to give the best arguments; especially to convince your customers to buy your products. Over the next four weeks, your communication will be fluid and, in addition, the way you express yourself will be tactful and diplomatic.

Now is a good time to improve public relations and conduct activities related to promotion and advertising, so take this opportunity to do some marketing on your social media.


Tuesday at the last minute, Mercury will begin to traverse the sign Leo. With this movement, unexpected encounters and certain coincidences will arise in the family circle. Some that will make you share pleasant conversations with your loved ones.

Also, keep in mind that because of this, relatives might come to visit you or visit you on a trip to see them. All of this energy will also mobilize something within you that will spark interest in knowing more about the events of the family past.

For this reason, you will be talking more than usual with older parents. The information you will receive will help you resolve a difficulty you are having in your present time.

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It is an enjoyable week due to the good influence of Venus, which helps you bring social and personal harmony into your life. This will be reflected in the well-being of your body. Increase these pleasurable sensations by walking more outdoors and having contact with nature.


To keep the vibe of this week going, I recommend that every two or three days you take a bath with honey. Prepare it in a container with a liter of lukewarm water, add several tablespoons of honey then put several drops of rose essential oil.

Before finishing your morning bath, pass this mixture through your body for several minutes and then, when you feel that your cells have already received the light and sweetness of the honey, you rinse yourself slowly.

In doing so, decree out loud that happiness and prosperity are ingrained in your cells.


Thursday, since the Moon and Neptune will make you spend a very calm day. A feeling of happiness will invade your heart and you can share it with those around you.


The key will be that, through small rituals, you can connect the cells in your body to prosperity and happiness.

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